How to stop Roosh: Toronto rallies against social media rape advocate

Daryush Valizadeh (aka Roosh V.), a 36 year old American and self-described pick up artist, launched a blog called “Return of Kings” in 2012. He  became infamous through his misogynistic comments. In his February 16, 2015 blog posting entitled “How to Stop Rape” he proposes the idea to “….make rape legal if done on private property. [He] propose[s] that we make that violent taking of a woman not punishable by law when done on public grounds”

This Saturday, the 6th of February 2016, Roosh V. had planned to gather his social media followers to meet up in over 140 cities globally to share his “neomasculinity” doctrine. He apparently did not expect to be met with such widespread response from his opponents, as he has cancelled all meetings due to safety concerns – surprising words for someone who thinks rape should be legalized.

Protests  against Roosh V.’s ideas will be held this Saturday in Toronto amongst other cities. An all female Toronto based boxing club called the “The Newsgirls” initiated the protest, saying they were showing up in boxing gloves and show some female strength. After the takedown of the events by Roosh V., they are being celebrated around the world for their courage. They announced a public protest at Toronto’s City Hall for this Saturday 8 pm to show that hateful and contemptuous comments towards women have no place in this world whether it’s virtual or real.  They will also send “male allies” to the Queen’s Park meet-up location, should some of Roosh’s followers still want to gather there.  It is difficult to estimate how many people will attend either event, but based on social media response it could be from 100 – 200 people. Mayor John Tory informed Roosh V. via Twitter that he is not welcome in Toronto and other Canadian mayors followed suit. He will also be in attendance at the protest in Queen’s Park tomorrow. The protests are expected to be heated but non-violent.



-Felicity Zander


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